Loans without a Credit Bureau for this return to school

Image result for loansThe Loan without Credit Bureau can be your great ally in this back-to-school season in which many families still do not know what will happen to those expenses that still have to be made before going back to school.

On August 20 thousands of children return to school and with them, many parents return to the accounts to make the economy flexible throughout the year.

The Systematized Information of Channels and Markets (ISCAM) pointed out last year that families spend around 3,000 pesos on each child in the return to school, between books and school materials.

Expenses during this school period are tripled and families seek an economic respite from the massive purchase that means the return to school and looking to pay for not resenting the effects during the rest of the year.

The consumption of tools in Mexican families

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Despite the fact that the vast majority of schools deliver the list of school supplies with time, slightly more than half of the families will make purchases this month, just a few days before the start of courses.

In this sense, the most visited places by Mexican families to carry out these purchases are the stationeries and the self-service and departmental stores, as well as the tianguis and the fairs of school supplies.

At this time the easiest solution for express purchases is loans without a Credit Bureau but

What happens if you do not have a very good track record?

Surely you have already been worried because you think that the credit bureau will be your impediment to solve the purchase of supplies and now you will not be able to ask for that loan that you need so much.

However, you should know that in the Credit Bureau we are all. Yes, this is how you read it. And besides not being as bad as it seems, it is not an impediment to ask for the ideal loan for you.

There are loans without a Credit Bureau

So is. There are places where they do not look for you in the Bureau. So there is no reason to panic about the credit bureau.

The Credit Bureau works in the following way: it is a company that records your financial behavior. It is a record that starts when you ask for some type of credit or you start your relationship with a banking or financial institution.

Your record is good as long as you have all your payments up-to-date or you have settled any loan or credit on time and form. On the other hand, if you have debts for a long time and you have not paid them off, it means that your record is not the healthiest.

The Credit Bureau serves banking institutions to see how viable it is to grant you a credit or not.

But not everything is as black as it seems.

The myths of the Credit Bureau

As we saw earlier, there are many myths about this private company that makes many people vulnerable because of the false information about it.

  • The Credit Bureau is part of the banks

This is completely false, since the information in it is used by banking institutions to check if you have a credit history (an important requirement for many financial institutions).

Its only function is to give information to the company where you made your credit application and so that the bank is aware of the regularity with which you make your payments. Based on this, it will be decided whether the loan is granted or not.


  • Not everyone is in the Credit Bureau

Anyone with a credit history, good or bad, enters the credit bureau. As we saw before, having a credit history is very important in several financial institutions to apply for any type of loan.

If you ask for a loan, it will be recorded in your credit bureau history. Every time you pay, that will become a good record for the request of future credit applications.

The Credit Bureau prevents you from applying for a loan

The Credit Bureau prevents you from applying for a loan

Not all financial institutions have a credit bureau to grant or deny a credit application. On some occasions, your negative record became like this because you delayed a payment in a timely manner.

This makes you an unreliable person and that is why you refuse a loan.

In institutions that do not look for information in the bureau and rely on other requirements such as financial solvency or payroll receipts to accept an application and continue with the delivery process. This is how you can get a loan without a credit bureau.

Take care of your history in the Credit Bureau

Now that the return to classes begins, you will surely ask yourself how to do it so that this expense is not combined with those debts that you have pending and that you still have to pay.

An immediate loan is what you need most to solve both things: complete for the purchase of school supplies and to finish paying those debts that still stifle your economy.

If you are a government employee for a year and you receive your payment via payroll, do not think twice! At Credifiel we have loans without a credit bureau.

With your payroll you can check income and get that extra support you need to survive without problems at the beginning of classes.